Model of Analysis for
Business Improvement

Our Business Improvement Model

Business analysis, and the formulation of improvement programmes, can often appear very complex and daunting. We have found people usually welcome an approach or ‘methodology’ which enables them to easily see and understand the factors which may come into play.

At Change this Limited, we have developed a simple but effective solution which, when facilitated by us, makes even the most complex of change programmes more clearly defined and more manageable. At its core, the model asks three fundamental questions:

Where are we now?

Establish the current position of the business or operation

What needs to change?

Define objectives and measures for improvement

How do we change?

Develop and implement an effective change or transition programme

Our change and improvement solutions are structured around our maBI (Model of Analysis for Business Improvement) techniques.

This involves assessment and design methodologies for the composition and interactions between People, Processes, Information and Infrastructure – the key elements of a business or organisation involved in delivering services or products – in a Commercial context.

We have developed a series of assessment, evaluation and reporting tools to plan and manage the change needs under each of these headings to provide an optimum and balanced improvement solution.

The success of the maBI model in delivering change effectively has been proven through its implementation within a range of dynamic organisations, and across a wide number of sectors. See our Customer Timeline to find out how we have helped others.

The maBI model is also fully aligned with many commonly adopted and widely recognised management standards, such as ISO 9001, the Business Excellence Model and Investors in People.

The intellectual property and copyright within and for the maBI approaches and solutions lies exclusively with Change this Limited. The Model may not be used or reproduced in part or whole (this includes graphical or functional / operational) in any way without the express written permission from the Directors of Change this Limited. For IP reasons, the model is not shown here in its entirety.

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